CRM – customer management for small & medium businesses

CRM - Customer Relation Management Übersicht, Kunden verwalten für kleine Unternehmen

What is CRM? What is it used for?

CRM stands for “Customer Relation Management” and in simple terms stands for the all-encompassing management of your customers. This system is particularly suitable for small companies or sole proprietorships. CRM-systems give you an efficient tool to sort your documents, collect data, create new customer profiles, view balances in tabular form, store personal salutations for each customer and much more.

At billtano, this functional principle is already integrated into the invoice program. The app enables basic processes such as the acquisition of customer data, creation of a customer profile / customer database in combination with the creation of invoices. You also get an immediate overview of the status of your current company situation. The sum of the features makes billtano very efficient compared to other providers on the market.

At the same time, the program is ideal for small companies, as we are among the cheapest providers of invoice apps with the corresponding range of functions.

Customer Relationship Management

A CRM system is primarily about organizing data on customers, companies, suppliers or sales partners. At billtano, you can store information about each customer centrally in one place so that it can be automatically inserted everywhere later.

The centralized data acquisition and management prevents sources of error and ensures that work processes run faster. E.g. articles can be predefined and simply added to every invoice with a click.

You can also automate the dispatch of e-mails, reminders or offers. When designing our app, it is important to us to capture the most important information without detours and to complete daily tasks as quickly as possible.

Individual customer requirements

A CRM system enables you to have an automated but personalized solution for each customer. This applies, for example, to the creation of different hourly rates, discounts or salutations – address the personal or serious needs of your customer.

With billtano you can create a tabular customer profile and immediately create the first invoice entries with one click in the customer profile. The customer’s data entered by you will be entered / changed directly on the invoice, on the letterhead and in all other places.

Customer overview, everywhere

If the CRM system is implemented online, there is also the advantage of being able to deal with paperwork flexibly at any location. Cloud and server-based applications have become the standard these days. This has the advantage that data is stored in a central location and remains available from anywhere. Why save the number after the first call when you can enter the data in the profile in the program or simply create a new profile.

Optimal solution for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Small companies prioritize qualitative customer loyalty and personal customer management, whereas large companies have to structure a large amount of data, i.e. mainly manage quantitative tasks.

Manage customers quickly with the billtano app & browser program.

With our app, the focus is primarily on the fast processing of work tasks, such as creating invoices / offers or customers, entering and viewing expenses and balance sheets, automatically sending invoices and much more.

Billtano is fast. This is because we work with the CRM principle. The routes to work are kept short, information and data can be stored centrally for your card index and are automatically integrated into the documents created.

The tabular overviews are understandable for everyone and offer you orientation for your customers at all times. Documents for accounting or for printing can be downloaded as PDF.

“Get the paperwork done – simple & satisfying.”

Would you like to see the functionality of our app for yourself? Start our free trial now. The trial period ends automatically after the two-week period has expired.

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