Billtano & the GDPR

On May 25th the time has come! The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect. But this post should not be a reason to panic. We also don’t want to give any tips or warnings to concerned entrepreneurs, because we are convinced that those who have been careful with personal data up to now […]

Writing invoices for beginners: the most common beginner mistakes

After the company has been founded and the first services have been rendered, the first problem arises: writing invoices. Because in order to receive the revenue from the customer, it must first be created and sent to him. The first invoice therefore presents every entrepreneur with a challenge. Beginner’s mistakes are the order of the […]

Invoice template & sample invoice – Free download

invoice template

Invoice template free With billtano’s free invoice template, you can quickly and easily create invoices that look professional. Simply download our invoice template. You can then use Excel (e.g. Word) to customize them according to your wishes. Once the invoice has been written, you can export the template as a PDF and send it to […]

Invoicing small business owners – this is how it works

Even a small business invoice requires a high degree of accuracy for correct invoicing. Invoicing errors are annoying and usually time-consuming. In order to protect you from the worst mistakes, in this article we explain the most important rules that you as a small business owner should know for correct invoicing. 1. Small business invoice […]

Billtano, new functions

News at billtano Billtano is constantly being developed. Optimizations and new features are constantly being implemented, especially on the server side. Recurring Bills Simply create invoice entries as usual and activate “Recurring invoices” when creating the invoice: Set the frequency and, if necessary, an end date: Set the frequency and, if necessary, an end date: […]

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