From offer to order – that’s how it works!

Who doesn’t know it? There was a very promising first phone call with a potential customer and you agree with him to submit a concrete offer immediately afterwards. But then, for a reason that is unclear to you, it happens… yes, exactly… nothing else happens. But when is actually the right time to contact the potential customer again to ask? After all, the customer has all the information. If he really needs it, he’ll get in touch… right?

We have a tip for you: ask again as soon as possible and don’t be afraid to seem pushy. Because the longer you wait, the more you will be forgotten. You shouldn’t be afraid of rejection either, the quicker you get clarity, the less time you’ll have to spend contacting the customer again.

3 rules of thumb:

  1. Prepare well for the next interview.
  2. Use notes from the first conversation that state what is particularly important to the customer.
  3. Offer the customer a concrete problem or solution proposal and argue with your benefit.

Prompt feedback shows the customer that you are also interested in providing him with a good service. So ask him clearly what he particularly liked about the offer and when it can start!

We wish that from now on all your offers will quickly become orders! I wish you success!

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