Writing invoices for beginners: the most common beginner mistakes

After the company has been founded and the first services have been rendered, the first problem arises: writing invoices. Because in order to receive the revenue from the customer, it must first be created and sent to him. The first invoice therefore presents every entrepreneur with a challenge. Beginner’s mistakes are the order of the day. With this guide we try to save you from the most common mistakes when writing invoices:

1. Do you have all the mandatory information on your invoice?

You can find out exactly what these are here!

2. Can I simply delete an invoice that was made incorrectly and write a new one?

If the wrong invoice has already been sent, then the invoice cannot simply be deleted and a corrected version sent. In addition to the old invoice, a cancellation invoice must first be created, which neutralizes the incorrect invoice. This is done automatically at billtano. A new invoice can then be created with a new invoice number, which can then be sent.

3. Send invoices – how is it correct?

There was once a requirement that only emails with a signature could contain invoices. However, this is outdated. Today you can send your invoice as an attachment by email, fax or post.

4. How long do I have to keep invoices?

In accordance with the retention obligation, invoices must be kept for 10 years. It does not matter whether it is an outgoing invoice or an incoming invoice.

5. Do invoices have to be signed?

There are certain professional groups that have to sign invoices. This includes tax advisors as well as lawyers. All other traders are free to decide whether to sign an invoice. There is no obligation.

6. By when does an invoice have to be written after the service has been rendered?

In the case of Business 2 Business (B2B) invoices, an invoice must be written within 30 days of the service being rendered. There is no time limit for private customers. Nevertheless, it makes sense to issue the invoice promptly so as not to jeopardize your liquidity.

7. What should an invoice number look like?

There are 2 rules that you have to consider with the invoice number:

  1. An invoice number must not exist twice
  2. The invoice number must be consecutive and correspond to a logic.

What the invoice number looks like is entirely up to you.



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