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Billtano & the GDPR

On May 25th the time has come! The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect. But this post should not be a reason to panic. We also don’t want to give any tips or warnings to concerned entrepreneurs, because we are convinced that those who have been careful with personal data up to now […]

Billtano, new functions

News at billtano Billtano is constantly being developed. Optimizations and new features are constantly being implemented, especially on the server side. Recurring Bills Simply create invoice entries as usual and activate “Recurring invoices” when creating the invoice: Set the frequency and, if necessary, an end date: Set the frequency and, if necessary, an end date: […]

Write an online invoice – buy the invoice program 2022 only once

What would Henry Ford have thought if there had been an invoice app when the assembly line was invented that could record the countless products and sales. Today, processes and paperwork are easier to handle than ever before. Simply write an invoice online and manage all documents using browser applications/apps or online invoicing programs with […]

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