5. All expenses

You can see the expenses you have entered in the table.

Create new expenses, save the invoice as a file and edit your balance sheets if necessary.

Expenses are automatically included in profit and loss.

Tabular view

The following columns are displayed in the line of the respective offer:

  1. Date(click to preview file)
  2. Company
  3. Invoice number (external)
  4. Netto
  5. Gross

The tabs can be arranged individually using drag & drop. Sorting takes place by clicking on the respective tab.

  • Arrangementof the table tabs via drag & drop
  • Sortthe table by clicking on the desired tab

Create new expense

A new dialogue will open. Enter all the information for your records here:

  1. Company
  2. Bill number
  3. Gross
  4. incl. VAT
  5. Invoice date (click for preview)
  6. Comment
  7. Choose a file

Here you can conveniently store the invoice number, the amount and the invoice itself as a file. You can use the information later in the program to create your balance sheets.


Open/deleteor edit
output entry.