Recurring billing software

Create and automatically send recurring invoices

Write recurring invoices

After creating your invoice, you can easily activate the field for recurring invoices with billtano. You can easily specify the desired service period within which the invoices should be sent. Ultimately, the frequency is still decisive, i.e. how often the invoice is sent – e.g. weekly, (semi-)monthly or annually.

Create invoice entries and complete invoice

As soon as you have created your invoice entries in the desired customer profile in the software, click on the send arrow. Another dialog appears and gives you the option to create a one-time or recurring billing. You can also define the start and end date.

Organize regular bills and recurring bills

In Billtano, right in the menu, you will find a main item called “Recurring Bills”. As soon as you have created a new recurring invoice, it will appear here in a table overview.

Automatic e-mail dispatch of invoices

Our user interface is designed to be as simple and clear to use as possible. In the same way, you can send the e-mail with the creation of the invoice with just one more click. Create additional recipients in the “Cc” field.

Preview? No problem.

Simply select the preview button in the dialog window to get a PDF view of your invoice in a new tab. You can also download this file immediately if you want to print out your invoices afterwards.

You can adapt the corresponding sample template under the menu item master data.

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