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1. Overview

Quick select functions

In the “Overview” menu item, you can use the action buttons to quickly access the sub-items New Customer, New Issue and New Article.

This gives you access to the most frequently used functions – quickly and easily.

Balance sheets as a table overview

The “Overview” table shows several bars within the selected period:

  1. Revenue– blue
  2. Profit– green
  3. Expenses– red

Desktop view: You can find detailed information by hovering over the respective bar with the mouse.

The most important figures at a glance

For a general overview, you will find the most important information listed in the overview:

  • Incomeyear x
  • Expenditure year x
  • Numberof created in the invoice program:
    • Customer
    • Invoices
    • Expenditure
    • Offers
    • Offers in progress

Click the respective button to get to the corresponding menu item.