4.1 Recurring Bills

Here you will find a tabular view of the recurring invoices you have created.

As soon as you create an invoice in the customer profile and click on the send symbol, another dialog will appear in which you can mark the invoice as recurring.

You can also find recurring invoices under the “Recurring” tab in the header menu of the customer profile.

Controls Main Window Header

  1. Search field for input
  2. Items displayed per page (table).

Tabular view

The following columns are displayed in the row of a recurring invoice:

  1. Start
  2. End
  3. Next
  4. Customer
  5. Title
  6. Frequency
  7. Netto
  8. Gross

The tabs can be arranged individually using drag & drop. Sorting takes place by clicking on the respective tab.

Arrangementof the table tabs by drag & drop

Sortthe table by clicking on the desired tab

Searchcustomer file


More information under the tab “All invoices”

The explanation of the graphical interface and the controls can be found under “User interface”.