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Recurring billing software

Create and automatically send recurring invoices

Write recurring invoices After creating your invoice, you can easily activate the field for recurring invoices with billtano. You can easily specify the desired service period within which the invoices should be sent. Ultimately, the frequency is still decisive, i.e. how often the invoice is sent – e.g. weekly, (semi-)monthly or annually. Create invoice entries […]

Write an online invoice – buy the invoice program 2022 only once

What would Henry Ford have thought if there had been an invoice app when the assembly line was invented that could record the countless products and sales. Today, processes and paperwork are easier to handle than ever before. Simply write an invoice online and manage all documents using browser applications/apps or online invoicing programs with […]

CRM – customer management for small and. medium-sized companies

CRM - Customer Relation Management overview, manage customers for small business

What is CRM? What is it used for? CRM stands for “Customer Relation Management” and in simple terms stands for the all-encompassing administration of your customers. This system is particularly suitable for small companies or sole proprietors. This gives you an efficient tool for sorting your documents, entering data, creating new customers, viewing balance sheets […]

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